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Our broad array of products include: Hand tools, Crimp wrench sets, Manually operated hand tools. Tools for Computers, Audio/Video, Compression tool, Crimp tool, Cutting tool, Wallpaper, Fabric Scissor, Wrenches. B. Cable and wiring plates in the nature of protective sheaths for electrical cable and wiring; Adaptors for computer network cables, Audio/Video cables, Boots for computer patch cables, Computer card reader, Computer docking station, Computer USB flash drive, Connectors for computer and A/V, Connectors for phone networking cables, Converters for A/V ports, Converters for computer ports, Digital multimeters, Filters for computer network cables, Headphone, Jacks for computer network cables, Landline phone cables, Laptop/Notebook accessories, Modular Plug for network cables, MP3 player, Modular plugs for computer network cable, Speakers for A/V systems, Splitters for A/V cables, Splitters for computer cable, Wall plates A/V cables, Wall plates for computer network cables.

All Electronics and Tools. We carry Computer Network, Phone line, Audio/Video Cables; QUALCONNECT Tools, U.S.Patent Sidewinder Speed Wrench 1/4",3/8",1/2 inches,HDMI and DVI, Coaxial Cables, adaptor, Connector, Power Cords, Bulk cables, Switch Box, Tester, USB, VGA Cables, Cutting , Wallpaper, Fabric Scissors 11 inch Scissor.

All products are under the PCCONNECT® & QUALCONNECT® brands which are your assurance of production quality.

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We carry Consumer Electronics products for Computer Network, Phone line, Audio/Video Cables, QUALCONNECT® U.S.Patent Sidewinder Speed Wrench,HDMI and DVI, Coaxial Cables, adaptor, Connector, Apple Product, Digital Camera Accessories, Mobile Accessories, Power Cords, Bulk cables, Switch Box, Tester, USB, VGA Cables...; and Tools the Sidewinder Speed Wrench, Wallpaper, Fabric Scissors; and the U.S. Patent Sidewinder Speed Wrench 1/4", 3/8",1/2" and 3/8" 4-pack kit which are very popular for nationalize.